Leadership Team

Our board and governance

  • The Association is governed by a Leadership Team, whose role is to determine the Association’s mission and purpose while guarding its ethos and values.

    The Leadership Team is accountable for the Strategic Plan and ensuring all activities fall within the community objects.

    The Budget and financial performance is managed by the Finance team, the terms of reference and reporting back procedures for all sub-committees. It also ensures all activities are within the law and meet public benefit requirements.

  • Senior Leadership team is led by our Chairman

    Zubair Anwar-Bawany, Chairman CSR Association of Pakistan

    Dr. Zubair currently heads the Leadership Team, joining the Association in 2010 and since then moving the Association's vision in promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among Business Leaders, Institutions and Communities to generates ideas (Best Practice Exchange Initiative) for sustainable Responsible Business (CSR). He is also tasked with promoting collaboration to address present challenges and create a shared future. Leading from the front, he has been driving the responsible business agenda in Pakistan reshaping the csr landscape to what we see today.

    Zubair brings a wealth of senior leadership expertise to the Association that include strategic positioning, coalition building and stakeholder outreach. He has worked internationally for public, nonprofit, and private organisations with well-known global institutions. His diverse portfolio provides him with a unique insight and understanding for integrated csr and his approach in building partnerships has been welcomed by leading institutions in Pakistan.

    Senior Leadership team is led by our President

    Shakeel Hashmi, President CSR Association of Pakistan

    Shakeel joined the Association in 2005, as Director of Community Programmes and has been pivotal in reshaping the organisation. He stepped up as President in 2010 to support the Chairman's vision for collaboration and alliance building. He brings a seasoned communications approach to the Association and has a wide range of experience in the social and not for profit sector, particularly with communications, designing & implementing integrated communications campaigns for advocacy organisations.

    As President, Shakeel has been a key spoke in building the Awards programme that has recognised more than 500 companies over the past 7 years.

  • The Advisory Representatives Committee (ARC)

    will be made public post the 2014 Awards.

    Additional support to the Leadership Team comes through the Advisory Representatives Committee (ARC) with a number of business sectors being represented that reflects and spearheads its development at this level. The head of each representation is, in effect, his or her sector’s ambassador to the Association.

    These Representatives meet quarterly and their primary role is to prepare the work of the Association and develop extended outreach.

    The Advisory Board Representatives Committee (ARC) Presidency

    The Presidency of the Representatives Committee rotates every three months. In other words, each industry sector in turn takes charge of the Committee agenda and chairs all the meetings for a three-month period, promoting legislative and political decisions and brokering compromises between the member sectors. Decisions in the Committee are taken by vote.