• Doing your Bit
    Private Sector Initiatives                                                                                                                     Company activities

  • Individual companies in Pakistan have been paying attention to the demands of the marketplace and the pressures from citizens and public sectors on such CSR challenges as those relating to environmental protection (e.g. climate change, pollutants), human resource management practices (e.g. diversity), community development (e.g. supporting community initiatives, local hiring), consumers (e.g. product choice and safety), and others. Businesses are increasingly using CSR or similar concepts such as corporate sustainability, corporate citizenship, corporate accountability and corporate stewardship to address the triple bottom line challenges from economic, social and environmental imperatives.

    Many companies are pursuing CSR in focused ways to cover the "plan, implement, check, and improve" facets of their business structures, processes and management decision-making. Others are more comprehensive in their approaches.

    If you are one of these companies and can be identified as practitioners of CSR then let us know csr.communications@csrassociationpk.com

    We’ll be uploading information on companies doing their bit for public review to indicate the sorts of individual businesses undertaking initiatives on environmental, human resource, human rights, community development, and/or other CSR fronts.

    Meanwhile please upload directly on facebook.com/csrpk and share your what you are doing