Looking back at 2013

For us the Awards ‘Wrap Up’ has enormous significance. It allows us to restate our objectives and holds us to account for what has actually been achieved through the 7th CSR Awards.

The by-product of this is our awards night, an evening for senior management and executives to get together and share their success in a noncompetitive environment.

Last year we have delivered on all of our objectives and will continue to build on this success. The consensus was that the 100 plus entries we achieved was an extraordinary number, considering it was our first year in the new format, manifest to how seriously the issue of responsible business is taken and how much activity there is throughout the private sector. The amount of activity is growing despite increasing economic hardship. The only thing that can be concluded from this is that being responsible makes economic sense.

We set a precedent and gave the private sector a standard to work towards. We had entries from brands able to make a big difference as well as entries from smaller operations that are making a smaller footprint, yet most significant, contribution. It all counts and is making our Country more sustainable and an example to many other sectors.

We have raised awareness of the business community’s CSR achievements. Be that through recognition functions, forums and round tables, to our best practice exchange. The Association’s close work with government, the UN and will move to be an endeavour to promote genuine responsible business practices.

We do also, unashamedly, take pride in the value our Awards offers participants.

We have created a standard to work towards and a platform to communicate achievements. Simply put, the CSR Excellence Awards has created a community of excellence. Our work in getting International accreditation, allows us to also represent the industry on a pan-European level Inshaa Allah. As the CSR Excellence Awards is an annual cycle rather than a one off event, it gives those businesses closely engaged, something to talk to the market about all year long.

Our thanks have to go to our Sponsors, FFC and Quantum and all of our Category sponsors, ZonG, Xcelerate, Johnson & Johnson and Silk Route Legal without whom this process would simply not be possible. Our gratitude goes to all of those businesses that entered and are making a difference. You know who you are, and you are the vanguard. If you truly believe in it, continue the momentum!