• Judging Criteria 2014

    How are the winners chosen?

  • The process is undertaken by the CSR Association’s 8th National CSR Excellence Awards Judging Panel who will use the indicators/factors below as a guide only. Applicants are not obliged to address all indicators or factors. All evaluations and final decisions in terms of award recipients will be determined solely by the Judging panel. Note that if there are no exceptional projects submitted in a category. The Panel of Judges is not committed to give an award.

    The selection of the judging teams are compiled by the Awards Secretariat and circulated to the Chairman for approval.

    For this year’s awards, the judging panel will evaluate corporations’ CSR innovation initiative using, but not limited to, the following standards:

    • Innovative programming in fields such as social investment, social innovation, employee

    • engagement, use of new media, CSR reporting, strategic philanthropic programs, product/service design, community outreach, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, public health, education, public-private partnerships.

    • The relation of the innovation project/program towards the corporation’s values and business strategy

    • The measurable results and impact of the program on society or environment (indicators include the improvement of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability)

    • Methodology and procedures

    • The integration of the company’s program with program partner(s)

    • Tracking and measurement of objectives and results

    • Future goals and objectives of the program

    • Needs analysis, external stakeholder identification and level of engagement

    • Reporting and the communication of the program progress and results

    They are sent all of the longlisted entries in advance of a judging lunch in May 2014, they read and rank the longlist marking each entry against how it meets the judging criteria. At the judging lunch judges compare scores, debating the merits of each entry before deciding collaboratively on a shortlist and winner in each category.

    Finalists will be shortlisted and notified no later than 1st June, 2014 and may be asked to provide supplementary materials. All nominees are invited to the CSR Association of Pakistan’s 8th Annual National Excellence Awards Ceremony on June 5th, 2012. Award winners will be announced at the event.