• History

    Dedicated to supporting corporate responsibility since 2005

  • The Association was set up in 2005 and now has number of leading organisations as members. We are the largest and one of the oldest national business-led coalitions dedicated to corporate responsibility in Pakistan.

    Collective business action

    The organisation has changed and evolved greatly, but we have always encouraged companies to get involved individually and to work together through collective business action.

    Initially, we were dedicated to regenerating local economies across Pakistan through community development and sustainable initiatives. This later widened to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and integrating sustainability into our members’ core business strategies. As a result, we’ve helped to institutionalize and mainstream corporate responsibility.

    Supporting economic regeneration

    Our organisation was formed by a small number of committed individuals from both the private and not for profit sector. Early supporters have included a number of leading Pakistani institutions.

    Regeneration was our initial focus; we acted as a broker for companies supporting local enterprise agencies with cash, people, premises, equipment, expertise and employee volunteering.

    Healthy back streets, healthy high streets

    We described this as corporate community involvement and then as ‘corporate community investment’. We wanted to show that business might achieve benefits, such as enhanced reputation or improved staff morale, not necessarily gained from ad hoc philanthropy. Our first few corporate supporters knew that companies had a vital role to play in offering solutions, because it was the right thing to do for business: 'healthy back streets make for healthy high streets'.


    We don’t brag about what we’ve achieved over the years, we let our work and our approach speak for itself.