• CSR Governance

  • Corporate governance is about what kind of corporate citizen the organizations seek to be. It is a part of business conduct best practices in any industry and business environment, therefore no organization can afford to ignore it about.

    Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Today’s corporations and those that lead them operate in an environment of intense media, investor, regulatory and public scrutiny. At the same time, increasing public and stakeholder concern over topics such as business integrity and ethics, board composition, diversity, independence, accountability and compensation, employment and work ethics practices, proactive legal, social and environmental compliance, reputational risk management, enhanced organizational transparency and reporting, solid organizational moral compass have given rise to a wide spectrum of corporate governance management practices and standards of excellence forcing Pakistani companies to come to terms with a much broader set of interests and expectations.

    Good corporate governance is the one embracing principles of social responsibility deemed critical in ensuring the survival and prosperity of the organization and bringing substantial benefits to the business: improved and more transparent relationships with stakeholders, proactive legal, social, environmental and reputational risk management, increased organizational effectiveness and ultimately, the social license to operate within communities.

    In our view, good governance is linked with management / Board accountability, successful compliance, stakeholders' trust and transparency and includes the broad range of management practices embraced by organizations to manage themselves and fulfill their responsibilities towards their investors, employees, suppliers, customers, communities and other categories of stakeholders. The services that we provide are:

    Roadmap for CSR Governance: Working with the Board to build the connection between Governance, Risk and Compliance
    Developing & setting up a CSR Committee
    Handholding and managing the CSR Committee (1 quarter advisory)
    Volunteering Policy development
    Ethics program development (Child rights & Business)
    Audits & review

    For a number of years, the Association has assisted Pakistani companies to embrace these challenges, helping them to reap significant benefits in terms of: proactive legal, social, environmental, and reputational risk management; enhanced organizational effectiveness; improved relationships with stakeholders; and social license to operate within communities.

    Our areas of expertise include:

    * Private Sector Governance
    * Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship
    * Public Affairs
    * Corporate Social Responsibility
    * Reputation Management
    * Corporate-Employee Relations
    * Corporate Communications

    Our practical and solutions-oriented approach helps executives see beyond ‘flavour-of-the-month’ approaches to governance and social responsibility (CSR). We help them to understand the benefits and limitations of a wide variety of governance mechanisms and CSR-related business practices, and assist them to implement the ones that are right for them in the unique context of their own organizations.

    For more details contact us csr.communications@csrassociationpk.com