• Background on the activity and building your RoI

    A little about the Annual Awards

  • Now in its 8th year, Our Annual Awards on Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the key benchmarks of an organization’s overall success and reputation in the marketplace. The National CSR Awards recognize the corporations and their partners that have executed highly successful and impactfull CSR campaigns in the past 12 months. These awards recognize both the communications surrounding a CSR initiative and the initiative itself.

    Additionally, for the first time last year, the awards program recognized CSR leaders within organisations, recognising the individual champions behind the Organisations CSR Programmes, shining a spotlight on the people driving CSR success and change in Pakistan. We have re-engaged with these champions and brought them closer to the responsible business agenda.

    The CSR Association’s Annual Awards is also this year’s most exciting and comprehensive meet & greet on corporate sustainability & social responsibility. Our Café CSR is essentially a mini summit and an assembly of Pakistan’s strongest Socially Responsible Brands, Corporations, and Foundations. It is also a new innovative platform for leading Corporations to connect directly with leading players in the development sector and gain insight and access to initiatives and we’ve seen some quite interesting initiatives come out of this best practice exchange last year.

    Not just a one night event

    Post Awards is where the real momentum is driven and we’ve seen organisations re-engage through the round-tables, Forums and informally through Facebook and requests for us to host breakfast sessions on particular topics for discussion. These csr practitioners are becoming part of a momentum to share best practice in Pakistan and reach out to communities for collective impact.

    These Post Awards Networking events re-engagement provides a vehicle for the private sector to gain insights into how they can follow the lead of these stalwarts through dialogue and engagement with peers. Quite often, corporations and businesses are willing to support the development of the wider society but are not always sure of the most effective form that contribution should take. We have seen that through the Networking sessions, companies and individuals gleaned some useful ideas from these engagement platforms. These initiatives can serve as examples that future participants can emulate.

    Not only will we see the impressions that the media is making for movement & awareness, but also we’ll have visibility to a shared expanded social network activity that is emanating from the csr centric content, which are both very powerful metrics in building the case for marketing communication investment.

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