• Training, personal development and coaching

  • The organizational change towards responsible business demands, specific sustainability know-how and skills gained through experience in CSR projects is achieved through dedicated sustainability and CSR trainings. Whilst we have conducted our own series of workshops & seminars we intend to expand our outreach and increase knowledge transfer in 2014 and 2015.

    Helping us to develop the new curriculum

    We are looking for Partners to help us develop a new training curriculum both online as well as face to face. Our aim is to create a portal to information, case related expertise, practical insights, best practices, tools and guidelines for professionals and companies engaged in driving the organisational change towards the responsible businesses agenda.

    If you are a CSR organisation or training company that can support the development please contact us directly to discuss further.

    Participating in or leading a Workshop

    If you are an individual or company that wishes to attend a workshop or have a need to host an in-house session please contact us directly to arrange


    We aim to ensure that our trainings are effective and hands-on, with a balanced distribution between theoretical concepts and mind sets and their practical application to the actual economic and social environment.

    The delivery method is a dynamic mix of presentations, case studies, group exercises, debates, with the aim to keep the audience focused with an alert and enthusiastic spirit.

    Who should attend?

    We recommend this curriculum to those professionals who are planning to or are already involved in implementing CSR initiatives and are keen on enhancing their CSR competence.

    Our courses are also suitable for managers who want to pursue new career opportunities in organizations committed to sustainable business, are interested in improving their knowledge in sustainability management or are required to fulfill regulatory requirements or reporting.

  • Information on the CSR Association CSR Certified Program (coming soon)

    We are in dialogue to develop a Professional Diploma in CSR with an institution in Asia specifically for Pakistan – details in the rollout will be updated shortly. To register your interest please email us csr.communications@csrassociationpk.com

    The Diploma will aim to transfer knowledge and empower the learner to:

    Understand CSR concepts and frameworks
    Learn about emerging best practice and trends in CSR
    Understand the differences between CSR and PR
    Learn how CSR can add value to your bottom-line


    Measure and monitor the impact of CSR programmes
    Promote CSR to internal and external stakeholders
    Find effective strategies to engage with stakeholders positively on CSR issues
    Create meaningful and credible CSR Reports

    Learning Experience

    Following successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
    Understand the fundamental concepts of CSR as applied by global companies and stakeholders; Create proactive engagement programmes for customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders on CSR issues;
    Plan and implement basic CSR strategies and;
    Begin the process of reporting on CSR performance to international standards.

    Expected Delivery Methodology

    Lectures, case studies, group exercises, presentations, interactive learning, self-directed learning, e-learning modules and final project assessment and feedback.

  • Earlier CSR Association Workshops (2011-2013)

    Two day Away Day

    A two day program building competencies for CSR and presenting instruments for developing and implementing a CSR management systems into business frameworks.

    The program covered topics such as:

    • Basics of CSR: the development of the CSR concept towards the ISO 26000 standard
    • The social responsible organization
    • CSR strategy and programs development
    • Gap analysis and non financial benchmarking
    • Measuring CSR efforts and monitoring progress of activities

    CSR Series

    A series of one day session detailing specific CSR tools or practices and building expertise in particular areas of CSR.

    • Social responsibility strategies and corporate governance
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Developing and implementing CSR programs
    • Measuring and monitoring the impact of CSR programs
    • CSR reporting and communication

    CSR Expert

    A one day program developing practical CSR leadership skills and introducing tools to help organizations drive the corporate change towards the sustainable business. The program covered topics such as:

    • Gap analysis and benchmarking
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Ensuring management buy in and staff awareness for CSR
    • Human resources - the vehicle for CSR internalization