• 1. Social Impact

    Business' has huge potential to contribute positively to society. This award is for a project or initiative that seeks to solve a challenging social issue whilst simultaneously creating shared value for the business.

    2. Child Centric CSR

    This award recognises organisations that have worked towards integrating child centric programmes or principles within their business or csr activities. Companies should highlight the impact to children or how they developed the programme to focus on children.

    3. Changing lives through Education

    This award recognises the contribution of companies through their contribution toward improving the level of education of their employees, their community and their nation. It recognises how well the company backs up its belief and commitment to education and how sustainable the project or program is. Some examples of recent winners have been through use of technology and cellular phones to provide access to literacy.

    4. Driving Healthcare

    The Company that has accomplished improvement of health care in the local, national or international environment in which it operates with initiatives in such areas as improvement in child health including the reduction of malnutrition, support of medical research into areas meaningful to and of importance to the immediate community, partnerships with NGOs, governmental bodies or others to provide health care to the less fortunate members of society.
    The award is for sustainable projects or programs that are related to the core mission of the company and consequently linked to its competencies and expressed values.

    5. Environmental Sustainability

    The Company that has successfully implemented responsible decisions that have reduced your business' negative impact on the environment. It is not simply about reducing the amount of waste you produce or using less energy, but is concerned with developing processes that will lead to businesses becoming completely sustainable in the future. Looking beyond making short term gains and look at the long term impact they are having on the natural world. You need to consider not only the immediate impact your actions have on the environment, but the long term implications as well. For example, when manufacturing a product, you need to look at the environmental impact of the products entire lifecycle, from development to disposal before finalising your designs. The company that has integrated environmental performance into its sustainable development strategy and delivers proven business benefits.

    6. Sports for Social Development

    The Company that has demonstrated a method of bringing about social change through the use of sports. Sport refers to the physical activity and development is any individual, health, social, economic, etc. benefits. Sport for is used as a tool for peace and development. The program will have used sport to help children learn lifelong skills as an incentive for the children to improve their scholarship. Sport is used as a tool to reach personal and community goals. Most organizations utilizing this method are geared towards underprivileged children and teenagers in urban areas.

    7. Collaboration & Partnerships (including Charity/Corporate partnerships)

    An award for a project or initiative that breaks down traditional barriers. We are looking for examples of several partners working together in non-traditional ways towards a goal that delivers truly sustainable outcomes

    8. Innovation

    Presented to a company that is addressing complex social issues or needs in Pakistan’s communities by leveraging corporate resources in a new and unique way and that are demonstrating leadership through the practical application of technological solutions resulting in social benefit.

    9. Employee Engagement

    This award is for projects that seek to embed sustainable thinking into company culture. We're looking for initiatives that have demonstrably enabled the people who don't have 'sustainability' in their job title to buy-in and act. Examples are of Volunteering Programmes and CEO led initiatives

    10. Communicating Sustainability/ CSR Annual Report

    We’re looking for cross platform campaigns that have made an impact, campaigns that have taken sustainability to the masses, secured strong response and made a big difference. This category includes outstanding annual reports for shareholders and other key constituents. (A summary is not needed for this category, merely send your report via pdf or the web link).

    11. Gender & Diversity (includes Women Empowerment)

    Recognising an organisation with a successful diversity or gender agenda within their organisation and where gender-based barriers have been reduced within businesses or in community projects. These may include company policy development, matrimonial and inheritance laws and/or cultural practices, mobility, voice and representation, and an improving equal share of family and household responsibilities.

    12. Entrepreneurship

    Recognising a Company that has not only supported, but worked with the unemployed that self-employment and enterprise is a realistic alternative to unemployment. Specifically created to help the most vulnerable groups, including the long-term unemployed, youth population, and people with disabilities, the programme should have taken a unique approach to supporting start-ups and seeks to change beliefs about their ability to start a small business.

    13. Social Cohesion

    Promoting social cohesion by means of the inclusion of disability in the workplace, as well as recognising community projects that focus on people with disabilities.

    Special Awards for 2014

    The Chairman and Judges this year have introduced additional categories.
    The Awards Committee reserves the right to honour any person or organisation it deems fit to so recognise.

    Responsible Business Leader of the year

    An award nominated by the business or an individual to reward a business leader who has shown dedication and bravery in progressing the sustainable business agenda, both within their own organisation and in the sector as a whole.

    Inclusion of the UN Global Compact ‘Living the Global Compact’ 2013 Categories

    The Chairman and Judges this year have integrated the UN Global Compact Awards with the CSR Excellence Awards 2014 following a collaboration earlier this year. The
 the principles

Network (GCP
with the CSR Association of Pakistan at the 2014 CSR Excellence Awards to :

    • Multinational Companies
    • National Companies

    CSR AWARDs for 2014 – some guidance on providing a summary

    An entry to the CSR Awards will only be valid if a submission & summary will be submitted online. The summary should not be more than 1200 words.

    Your summary should include:

    What does your Organisation do, and how is it helping to build a more just and sustainable world? (200 word maximum)

    Explain the inspiration behind your organisation’s corporate socially/ responsible business practices (200 word maximum)

    What social outcomes are you hoping to achieve? (150 word maximum)

    What were the objectives of the project/initiative, describe what the organisation hoped to achieve and how it went about the implementation (350 words maximum)

    Tell us about the impact of the project/initiative (250 words)

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    (Terms & Conditions)


    Certificate of award and the CSR Tree of Responsibility will be presented in presence of several prominent personalities from government, diplomats and industrial sectors on 18th December 2014.


    Nomination should be received along with the applicable documents will be placed before a panel of judges, nominated by CSRPK from the various reputed organisations.

    Decision of the judges’ panel will be final for the nomination of the award.


    Large medium and small scale industrial / service organisations / units of the following categories are eligible to be considered for the award:

    • Public sector undertakings / enterprises
    • Private sector organisations / projects, process & product.
    • Trade / professional associations.
    • Consultancy organisations.
    • Cooperatives

    Applications will be evaluated on the basis of award year performance (year 2013/14) and track record of one preceding year.


    Last date submission of application: 8th December 2014
    We are maintaining a paper free environment through this process, any copy of documentation will be requested as soft copy to lighten everyone’s carbon footprint.

    Documents required by email only (as attachment) send via twitter #CSRAWARDSPAKISTAN

    • Organisation or company logo in colour in a high resolution format PSD and PNG (sent as zip file)
    • If selected for award, name of the company / unit to be printed on certificate / shield or trophy
    • Introduction of company or department (no more than 75 words) will be announced at the time of announcement for the award.
    • A message from the Chairman, MD or Head of Department of CSR in support of this year’s Awards, which we may share in the run up to the Awards Ceremony (no more than 75 words), also include a colour snap of the official.


    CSR Association of Pakistan ensure privacy of the information of award applications, however, CSRPK will not be liable for any loss arising out of disclosure of information furnished in the application. The documents submitted along with the application will not be returned.

    *CSR Assoc. PK reserves the right to change time, date and place of award ceremony.
    Decision of CSR Association of Pakistan regarding award presentation shall be final
    Any appeal / canvassing or correspondence shall not be entertained.

    (Terms & Conditions)

    *By submitting your entry you are giving the Company Undertaking Below:

    On behalf of my / our organisation, I / We accept to abide by the rules of CSR Association of Pakistan and also accept that decision of CSRPK regarding the award shall be final. I/We further declare that all the information furnished and any documentation provided are true.